Labib Saleh - SMT Engineer


Labib Saleh
SMT Engineer

Labib SalehSpecializes in diagnosing SMT defects and root cause of issues within the assembly process.

Office Phone:

(970) 346-8002 Ext. 447


Labib Saleh Biography

Labib Saleh holds a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. He has been in SMT stencil industry for more than 5 years and consistently has demonstrated his ability to perform high level stencil design specs. Labib held the position of customer service management at Fine Line Stencil (a division of FCT Assembly) working closely with customers to meet their needs and now continue supporting them by analyzing SMT defects they face throughout the PCB assembly process to determine the root cause of the defect and recommend new stencil designs that eliminate it.

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